TC / SC Series Auto Oil Seals
Product Description

Application : industrial machinery, industrial motors, vehicle starter motors, gearbox, pumps, fans, multi-purpose sealing

Function/Feature : sealing, dust exclusion

Product Introduction

What are TC oil seals and SC oil seals? How can ASA TC and SC types oil seal applicate in the industry?

ASA TC oil seal is a shaft seal composed of a single metal cage with a rubber coating, a primary sealing lip with integrated spring, and an additional anti-pollution sealing lip. Advantages in good static sealing, thermal expansion compensation, greater roughness allow in the housing, and reduce risk of corrosion.

ASA SC oil seal is a single lip skeleton, and the combined inner shell is designed to enhance the rigidity of the oil seal. It is especially suitable for larger sizes of oil seals with a back fit for sealing. It has a sealing lip, a spring, and a low coefficient of friction.