The agricultural field covers a variety of large agricultural machinery. Because of their power or farming requirements, the operating environment is highly polluted, the mechanical components, such as axles or bearings need to be protected by oil seals, which will further affect the overall operating efficiency of the machine and the service life of the machine. ASA is an agricultural oil seals supplier, providing a variety of oil seals designed specifically for agricultural machinery and equipment.

Since agricultural equipment is constantly exposed to various substances and pollutants, and which may be organic or chemical, and it is necessary to design agricultural oil seals for agricultural equipment to protect the equipment system from any risk of contamination.

Application : axles on vehicle, drive shafts, agriculture spare

Function/Feature : dual steel cases design, structure enhanced, sealing, enhanced on dust, dirt and sludge exclusion

ASA manufactures a variety of agricultural seals for farming equipment protecting systems and enhancing performance of agriculture equipment. In order to maintain machines’ operating performance and provide comfort and safety to the operator at the same time, seals that applied in the operating structure provide isolation that excludes contaminants and protections that ensure operators’ safety.

(1) ASA Agricultural Oil Seals :

It is designed to use in heavily contaminated applications in agricultural machinery. It is ideal for use where oil or grease must be held in contact with the rotary shafts and bearing assemblies, while at the same time sealing against external contaminants is required.

Rubber, Polyurethane, PTFE, Nylon, and other materials are used to create a variety of seals to work under different hydraulic and pneumatic conditions. Most of these seals are designed for the reciprocating motions that are used commonly in hydraulic and pneumatic applications to meet the critical requirements of the hydraulic and pneumatic equipment industries. ASA agricultural oil seals have an excellent sealing effect, easy installation, and durable design that are in line with economic benefits.

(2) ASA Agricultural Oil Seals Application Range :

  • Oil Seal Material : NBR, HNBR, ACM, FKM, EPDM, PTFE, CR, SE, VMQ, SBR, PU, XNBR, AEM
  • Oil Seal Structure : rotation/cassette oil seal
  • Tolerance Range : the tolerance range of inch oil seal is ±0.015inch; the tolerance range of metric oil seal is ±0.3mm

Depending on your needs, applications on axles on vehicles, drive shafts, and agriculture spares, we have professional production and equipment for providing agriculture oil seals and welcome to contact us.