T-TCG ~ T-TTA PTFE Lip Seals Series for Industrial Mechanical Seals
Product Description

Application : Multipurpose

Function/Feature : high-temperature resistant, friction reduced, chemical resistance, high performance on sealing

Product Introduction

They are formed or machined from wear-resistant PTFE/Teflon composites for a long life, low friction, high surface speeds, preventing poor lubricating conditions, and soft shafts. PTFE lip seals use a much wider lip to shaft contact pattern as compared to elastomer lip seals and use a lighter unit loading but wider footprint. The reasoning behind this design is to reduce the wear rate by lowering the unit loading also known as PV.

Specifically used for sealing rotating shafts with a focus on high speed and are an excellent alternative to elastomer rubber lip seals if the conditions are challenging and exceed their capabilities. Essentially, they were designed to bridge the gap between conventional elastomer lip seals and mechanical carbon face seals.

Since they can run at higher pressures and velocities compared to the most elastomer lip seals, they become an excellent alternative. They perform well in hostile environments with extreme temperatures, aggressive media, high surface speeds, high pressure or lack of lubrication.

To select the precise fit sealing solution for your rotary application, you should consider such factors as shaft speed, surface velocity, operating temperatures, media to be sealed, and system pressures. PTFE lip seals are fabricated by machining the sealing members then assembled into a metal casing followed by mechanical clamping.