B-SCJY ~ B-SCJY2 Combination of Back Care Rotary Oil Seals Series
Product Description

Application : power steering

Function/Feature : rotary and reciprocating sealing design

Product Introduction

Rotary seals and shaft seals are used in components with oscillating or rotating parts to keep lubrication fluids in while preventing ingress of mud and water. Our universal oil seals help to improve components’ life and long-term performance.

ASA sealing solutions offer a wide range of specialized rotary shaft seals, including our best-in-class proprietary radial lip seal and high-quality radial oil seals

ASA OIL SEALS CO., LTD. of rotary seals includes the commonly known radial oil seal, rotary shaft seals, radial and axial lip seals, double-acting o-ring energized polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) rotary seals for the shaft and bore, rubber v-rings, mechanical face seals, heavy-duty seals and many more.