ASA industrial mechanical seals are used to prevent leakage, hold pressure, and deflect contamination at interfaces between components. The transmission of power through the transmission rod performs its function and purpose, and the bearings are fixed to reduce the vibration and reduce transmission loss. In addition, during the operation of industrial machinery, the internal lubricating oil of the system is required to reduce the friction and abrasion caused by the relative movement between the components and to cool the transmission system temperature.

Application : motors, industrial machinery and other mechanical multipurpose, all kinds of reciprocating operating

Function/Feature : high-temperature resistant, friction reduced, high performance on sealing, dust exclusion, wiper, wiping the dust and dirt on the rod

Elastomer lip seals are the most common shaft seal product on the market, directly molded to a metal casing providing the needed rigidity. Most elastomer rubber lip seals use an extension spring to provide the loading mechanism for tight sealing. The sealing function of the mechanical oil seals is that the sealing lip is in direct contact with the shaft, forming an oil film between the oil side and the air side to prevent oil leakage. That is the function of the oil seal that needs to be installed to act on the entire transmission system is an indispensable component.

ASA Industrial Oil Seals Application Range :

  • Oil Seal Material : NBR, HNBR, ACM, FKM, EPDM, PTFE, CR, SE, VMQ, SBR, PU, XNBR, AEM
  • Applicable Temperature : -50°C~250°C
  • Applicable Shaft Speed : up to 10,000 rpm
  • Applicable Pressure : high pressure
  • Lip Design : customized design, international oil seal standard

Tolerance Range : the tolerance range of inch oil seal is ±0.015inch; the tolerance range of metric oil seal is ±0.3mm

To guarantee the optimum performance of your machinery in any environment or temperature, ensure that you are using oil seals in your products. These seals will keep fluid in and stop contaminants from entering, so your products can work efficiently for years to come. It’s simple - oil seals are your solution for a longer service life.