Driven by increasing environmental awareness and increasingly stringent emissions legislation, the automotive industry is going through a period of unprecedented change. Wherever you need to prevent leakage, exclude contaminants, contain pressure, or reduce friction, the mission of the car oil seals manufacturer is to help you to find the right sealing solution for your particular application requirements and commercial needs. Therefore, ASA offers an extensive range of seals for general automobile, truck, bus, motor coach, trailer, automobile parts.

It normally consists of three basic components: the sealing element, the metal case and the spring. The purpose of the sealing element is to stop the fluid from leaking between the shaft and housing. The metal case will give rigidity and strength to the seal while it is being held in the bore or recessed groove. The spring will help to make the sealing element more effective. All materials must be selected depending on the environment in which the oil seal would function.

Application : industrial machinery, industrial motors, vehicle starter motors, gearbox, multi-purpose sealing, hock absorbers, hydraulic cylinder, air cylinder, air pressure stick, axles on vehicle, drive shafts, agriculture spare, engine crankshaft, camshaft, starter, trailers, heavy trucks, agricultural machinery, wheel hubs on heavy machinery

Function/Feature : sealing, dust exclusion, prevent leakage of hydraulic oil and gas, reciprocating operation, dust exclusion, contaminations exclusion, dual steel cases design, structure enhanced, sealing, enhanced on dust, dirt and sludge exclusion, ACM on outer diameter/FPM on inner diameter, helix designs, reducing friction, sealing, dust exclusion, protect axles and bearings from dust, grit, mud and other contamination

The mechanical parts in the vehicle often require the applications of oil seals because they are used to protect shafts and bearings from ingress of dirt and foreign matter and egress of oil or grease, and those would affect the operations of the automobile transmission mechanism, or cause other damages.

ASA keeps improving materials and structures to have the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, adaption to high speed, wearing resistance, etc. and runs performance testing and quality control to provide good car oil seals.

ASA Automotive Oil Seals Application Range :

  • Oil Seal Material : NBR, HNBR, ACM, FKM, EPDM, PTFE, CR, SE, VMQ, SBR, PU, XNBR, AEM
  • Applicable Temperature : -50°C~250°C
  • Applicable Shaft Speed : up to 10,000 rpm
  • Applicable Pressure : 3bar
  • Oil Seal Structure : rotary shaft lip-shaped oil seal
  • Lip Design : customized design, international oil seal standard

Tolerance Range : the tolerance range of inch oil seal is ±0.015inch; the tolerance range of metric oil seal is ±0.3mm.